Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I shouldn't need to tell you how happy this makes me.

I've been embroidering each afternoon for an hour, while the boys are resting. S often comes down at the tail end of the hour, asking if he's had enough quiet time. He takes an interest in what I'm stitching, telling me how good or bad it looks, and remarking on how long it takes to finish a whole picture. Finally he expressed interest in doing it himself. Normally this request would've had me scrambling, but thanks to a section in this special book, I was ready.

S used a blunt-tipped tapestry needle to stitch this "alien", onto a loose-weave muslin. He seemed to really enjoy himself. He started off at the kitchen counter, because I was doing some sweeping. But he soon decided he should sit on the couch, "just like you do when you stitch, mommy." I don't know if he'll ever pick up a needle and thread again, but even so, this sweet memory will stay with me.

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