Monday, June 2, 2008

I shouldn't be writing this right now, nor should I be planning to take a nap directly after this. But here I am, doing both of those things.

I should be cleaning my house right now. That needs to be my main focus for today and tomorrow, as we have friends coming to stay with us on Wednesday. I like to have a clean house, and I have every intention of keeping the house clean, but in reality it only gets cleaned before guests arrive. And there is a lot to address in the next two days, in the way of housework, after two weeks of neglect, first due to sickness and then because I was working day and night on the chairs.

Here are a few pics of a new game we got. Nate is all about the board games these days. You might even call him a GAMER, and I don't even care that my husband sports such a nerdy title these days because the games he gets for us are super fun. He does a load of research first, of course. Only the best for this gaming family. He's had good timing with his budding game obsession, as we are watching less and less tv these days. Anyway, Gulo Gulo is an amazing game for kids. S loves it. T's a bit young yet. The game is all about wolverines stealing eggs from a vulture's nest. You might like to know that the stick standing up in the bowl of eggs is called the Egg Alarm. When your game has a piece called the Egg Alarm, how can you go wrong?

Here are both of the chairs, completed. As you can see, they are very similar. I flipped one of the images on the chairs, did the stripes in opposite directions, and painted the frames different shades of blue. I like that they are different but very much a set.

I ran errands in the car all morning, and that always makes me so tired. Driving always makes me really tired (I know, super safe, right?), and when the weather is warm the effect is even worse. I'm going to allow myself twenty minutes of shut-eye before I get up and get cleaning.

Later, gators.

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