Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello, long neglected blog. What can I say? It's summer. We're busy having fun and/or staving off boredom.

The chairs were picked up last week. We had a great time visiting with our friends. And now I am having a little resurrgence of my longing for Chicago. Sigh...

I've been embroidering a lot lately. I try to bring something with me to stitch when we go to the park for the morning. Once in a while I actually have to get up and help one of the boys out of a jam, but for the most part they are very independent playground players. Here are two little pieces that I made for baby Lydia.
I was very happy with how the first came out, with the cute little flowers and birds. Adorable. The deer, I wasn't so sure about. The image came from a shopping bag that my mother-in-law once brought back from one of her many international trips. I loved the image on the bag, but it was considerably bigger. I think that shrinking the image to fit on my canvas made it a little too crowded, too busy. I don't know... I wasn't crazy about the end result. But I still gave it to my friend. I guess I couldn't bear to waste all those hours of stitching. But, Bonnie, if you choose hang up one and not the other, I won't be offended.

The boys and I are trying to find our summer rhythm. We are outside a lot, going through a lot of sunscreen, and sleeping hard at night. Today I put out this umbrella to provide a little shade while they drew with chalk.
Little sidenote: This umbrella used to be kept in Nate's car, but one day he discovered he was too embarrassed to walk in to work with a polka dot umbrella. Soon after I found the following item written on my shopping list: "manly umbrella."

One last thing: Someone suggested that I post some ideas of what to get T for his birthday. I am glad to oblige, but I want to say, first, that this boy doesn't need a thing. Our house is bursting at the seams with all the things a little dude could ever want. So please don't feel obligated to buy gifts. We certainly don't need them. That being said, I know it's fun for people to pick out a little something for the birthday kid. Right now T is super into puzzles. It's not uncommon for him to want to sleep with a puzzle these days. I know he would love more puzzles, the wooden kind with pieces that don't interlock (like this). We always love new books around here, especially picture books with great illustrations. Finally, T will gladly accept cold, hard cash or IKEA gift cards.

Can't wait to see everybody at the party!


Angela said...

a) That is a great umbrella.
b) Those pictures made me remember that my mom used to put out big umbellas to shade us while we played (total sense memory flashback)
c) Can't blame Nate. I
d) I wish Oli utilized the list system I tried to implement...but I wasn't very vigilant about it either....

Bonnie said...

It's funny that you don't love the deer stitching, because I adore both pieces and when my mom saw them she was amazed at your talent. Just an FYI.

Today I saw another little boy with a mohawk at the LLL meeting. (Theo's is better. More rad.) The mom said she and her husband sometimes wonder if their son will have Alex P. Keaton syndrome since they're liberal rockers. I thought you'd get a kick out of that (and maybe relate a little, too). :)

Maiasaura said...

We shortened up Theo's mohawk and I'm afraid we may have ruined it. Oh well. It will grow. Alex P. Keaton Syndrome should definitely be added to the lexicon. I know Nate and I definitely have concerns about the same thing.

I'm really glad you like both embroideries. It just didn't turn out quite like I expected, but I guess to fresh eyes it looks good? I'm glad. I constantly fight the urge to criticize / over analyze my work on this blog, but here was a moment of weakness. I just had to let you know that it was okay to not love both of them. I should've censored myself. See you tomorrow.

Susan said...

Saw this in the embroidery pool. I love the deer mama and baby. Very sweet. What did you embroider on? Did you cut out the white background flowers? It's lovely.

Maiasaura said...

Hi, Susan! Thanks for stopping by!

The blue background fabric, with the fuzzy flowers, is from a pair of curtains (Martha Stewart at K Mart). I had these curtains at our old house and had to shorten them. I saved the scraps and that is what you see here. The fabric is actually pretty delicate, so I had to use an iron-on stabilizer sheet.