Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello, I'm still here.

Have I told you guys that T now calls S "Hahn"? He started doing this a few weeks ago, and at the time it was probably the closest pronunciation he could manage. Now, I think he could say his brother's name more clearly if he tried, but Hahn seems to be sticking, and, honestly, I like it. T is repeating EVERYTHING now, with great success. He recognizes at least half of the alphabet and is constantly pointing out letters. All these changes are coming so fast. It's amazing, but, dang, where is my baby? Gone, that's where.

This week S started a park district program called Zoo League, which teaches kids t-ball and soccer in a non-competitive way. S is on the Red Rhino team, which he loves, and it's fun to say, "Let's get ready for Zoo League!" a few times a week. He was really nervous about it before it began, kept saying he wouldn't be good at the moves. I tried to convince him it was all about having fun, making friends, playing outside, etc. After the first session, he was fine. He does a lot of worrying, this one. Swimming lessons will come a little later in the summer.

One of my goals for this summer was to start buying our produce at the farmers' market, since we didn't sign up for the CSA this year. And I have been doing it faithfully, each week. I'm not sure how well I've been doing it, though. It's always hard for me to know how much to get. Sometimes I don't buy enough to last the week, and other times I get too much. We returned from the market this morning, and our bounty soon filled the fridge in the kitchen. I took a melon and some cauliflower out to the fridge in the garage (left here by the previous owners), and found ---doh!--- another melon from last week, AND a huge bunch of kale that I had completely forgotten. Brother. The real issue, I guess, is that I'm not organized enough about getting all this nice food eaten. I need to make a list of what I bought, and then make a plan for how/when to use it all. Because it's really good stuff. Too good to waste even one leaf or stalk.

Lately it seems each week brings a new project. Last week was all about getting the garage cleaned out so Nate could finally pull in his car (part of his father's day gift). This week is all about party preparations. Nate took off work tomorrow, but I'm afraid he'll be working harder here than he would at the office. There will be mountains of yard work, house cleaning, and food prep to do. But Saturday should be fun. I'll post pictures of the party, of course.


Angela said...

Food planning, man. Food planning. Insane how difficult it is.

Theo is turning into such a big kid. I also miss my baby :( He could call Simon 'Hahn' for a while. Lily could say 'Lily' but chose to call herself 'Nani' for a long time. She still slips it in from time to time now. I'll be sad when it's totally gone.

Bonnie said...

I didn't know Simon was a worrier. Me too. We should sit down and share our anxieties. Talk about bonding.

Also, I'm working on a post about food. You'll have to check it out and see if it could help you.