Wednesday, June 25, 2008

extraordinarily lucky children live in this house.

Today was an exciting one for my two guys (and, okay, for me too). Our new playset arrived!
Nate and I were a little hesitant to have this installed... We worried about it taking up too much space in the yard. And, let's be honest, these things are sort of a symbol of the trappings of middle class yuppihood, are they not?
But then we thought, hey it's just a swingset. Let's not over analyze this.
I think we made the right decision. The boys love it, of course. And I think they will spend many happy hours back here for years to come.
Of course, now that it's here, I see nothing but benefits.
It will keep the boys from watching too much tv.
And it will allow me to sit on the patio with my embroidery while they climb their little brains out.
What could be better than that?


The Hutchison Family said...

We have been thinking about getting one at the new house. It's just a big commitment but I know that the kids would love it (& give me a little quiet time.)

Oliver said...

lucky kids indeed.