Friday, May 23, 2008


All week I felt like I accidentally stepped in front of one of these things, but life-sized. I have a ridiculous cold and I have five projects I'm trying to get done. I'm exhausted. I have a toothache. And the house is in need of an intervention. Just one of those weeks, I guess.

Here is one thing I accomplished that is making me happy. I hung these items up in S's room yesterday. I think a different paint color would make them stand out more, but that's for another time. The green embroidery is a drawing of S's that I stitched and stretched over a canvas. I got that idea from SouleMama. I love it, but S's not so sure. The S and the little stegosaurus were both decorated by S, and he is proud to have those hanging in his room. The stone whale carving I picked up at a sidewalk sale in Chicago a few years ago and still love it. Someone bought it as a souvenir in Hawaii. The planets on a metal circle are from Goodwill. I think it must have been part of a game, but at our house it is planetary art for the wall.

I'm really trying to take my time with the decor in this house, as you know. That goes for the boys' rooms too. I'm trying to only hang things that we both like, and that they might possibly like for a long time. Will the teenage S be able to appreciate the handiwork of his five year old self? Hard to say. But for right now, this arrangement is making me happy. Also the fact that it's Friday makes me very very happy. And sleepy.

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