Friday, May 30, 2008

snip snip

::::: pretty peonies in our yard. they're actually darker than these pictures show. really deep, beautiful wine red. :::::
::::: i especially love the supremely spherical buds. :::::
::::: new haircut for t. yes, i did give my baby a mohawk. :::::
::::: before you decide you can no longer be my friend, let's all remember it's just a haircut. it won't change t's personality or how we raise him. and, it will grow again. that being said, i absolutely love it. his little head and ears are so cute, and i'm not kidding at all when i say i think it brings out his eyes. seriously. :::::
::::: i spent two hours yesterday with a knife and tiny scissors, and, after much cursing and throwing of sharp objects, finally finished this elaborate papercut design for a chair that needs to be finished this weekend. the "client" (good friend from chicago) requested a reading theme. i hope she'll like the design. :::::
::::: there are two of these chairs, gifts for twin boys. i'll post a picture of them together when i'm finished. :::::



Angela said...

Love the chair. Seems like I'll be able to pick my purchase up in person. Lily and I will be in America from July 2 - Aug 6. We'll be seeing you :)

Bonnie said...

Wow. Love the chair.
and don't tell Travis or my mom, because they'll worry I'd do it to my own son (if I had one) but I also love the mohawk.

Maiasaura said...

Angela --- I'm putting those dates on my calendar, and I hope you guys can come down here at some point during your stay!

Bonnie --- Your secret is safe with me. Theo's extended family members are not fans of the new look, so I can understand your reservations in admitting that you like it. But I'm glad for a little support. I was starting to feel like a terrible mother (but what's new?).

Bonnie said...

When does one stop feeling like a terrible mother? I only feel like a good mother when Lydia is having a bath or noth crying, which is a small portion of her waking hours. I really hate it.