Friday, May 30, 2008

post storm puddlestomping

I'd like to thank Janna for conveying the importance of owning a pair of rainboots for each of your children. I had previously underestimated the necessity of this accessory.
I included this shot because I love our street.
Indiana Avenue WHAT WHAT.

I swear, T pointed to the S on this gas cap and said, "S." He's really interested in letters and numbers. Also he's a genius.


Jay M. said...

This looks like so much fun. Also, I love Theo's mohawk, and the fact that Simon is "representing" for Indiana Avenue.

Angela said...

Ditto everything Jay said. I intended to write all those things before I read his comment. Also, rain boots totally open up play possibilities. I probably wouldn't think to take Lil out walking after it rains if she didn't own boots. All the boring old stuff in the neighborhood is fun again when it's wet. Muck in the street drain, leaves stuck to windows, dripping awnings.