Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is the Mother's Day card we made for the Grandmothers. And here is a little story to go with it. I thought this project would be simpler than it was. All I needed the boys to do was make a bunch of handprints on paper, using paint and stamp pads. They loved it, but the mess got out of hand quickly. I would have taken pictures, of course, but I was too busy shuffling papers... moving those that had been filled with hand prints, replacing them with clean white paper. The action finally started to slow down, when all the countertops were full of drying hand prints. The boys were both sliding their hands around in the same pan of paint, giggling. I thought it would make a great little video.

In the two seconds it took me to grab the camera, T had slapped his paint drenched hands onto his head. I shot a very short video that consists of me trying to convince T to put his hands on the paper. But he had already realized how hilariously naughty it was to smear pink paint into his hair. "Time to clean up!" I announced. Then I panicked over how exactly that was going to happen (a result of having a nice new house, perhaps). T was dangerously messy..... five seconds free in the house could easily have ended in hours of cleaning for me. I decided the shower was the closest and would be the most effective tool in this situation. I scooped him up under the armpits while yelling at S, "Don't touch anything!"

With my hands full of T I could not turn on the lights. I shoved him in the shower and then turned back to get the light. In my hurry to avoid a mess, I failed to consider how scary it might be for your mom to push you into a pitch-dark cave like space and then turn around, seemingly leaving you there. T screamed. And then he tried to escape, struggling as if for his life. Even with the light on, he was still scared of the shower itself. I felt committed now. We were in the shower, we just had to tackle the paint. I soon found out that T's fear of the shower stall was nothing compared to his fear of water shooting down on him from the showerhead. He screamed and screamed. If there was ever a time when the phrase "screamed bloody murder" was appropriate, this was it. Sigh. I was just trying to keep my house clean, but I'm pretty sure I traumatized my son. If T grows up to prefer baths to showers, we can trace it back to that moment. We have been doing highs and lows at the dinner table, and that night S and I both identified T's terrified shower as the low point of our days.


The ad for our house boasted "four mature trees." And we did have four big, beautiful trees in our yard. But it was winter when we bought the place, and we soon realized that one of our lovely trees was no longer with us, so to speak. So on Monday we had it cut down. It was quite an event. For me it was both exciting and sad. For the boys it was definitely interesting. Despite the picturesque spring weather, they were content to stay in all day, watching the progress from S's window.
Once it was gone, the house didn't look as bare as I expected. There are a lot of trees in the neighborhood, and some other green branches seemed to fill in that visual space. We'll be planting some new trees over there eventually, including a magnolia.


We went to S's last preschool program on Monday.
S was excited.
T was antsy.


At nearly 2, T loves to read. Often it's the first thing he wants to do upon waking. I absolutely love when he lays down on his tummy and looks at a book like this. I've been trying to get a picture of this move for a while now, and here it is.
T's first and only haircut was back in January, I think. I used the electric clippers and he didn't flinch. Today I had the notion to give him a modern mohawk, just shortening the sides with the clippers. But he seems to have developed a fear of the buzzing gadget, so we had to skip it.


Finally, just a couple pics of the boys I love so much. Can you believe these faces? I can't.


Jay M. said...

Theo with the corn is classic. It belongs in an album or on the refrigerator.

I think I'm going to start doing highs and lows with my household as well.

Maiasaura said...

Hi, Jay. Yeah, that picture is almost too much. Nate and I are getting a big kick out of it.

I think I did highs and lows one night on a whim, and Simon was really into it. Every night since then, he insists we do it again. But I'm not complaining. I love it, in fact. I highly recommend the practice.