Saturday, May 10, 2008

I heart Springtime Saturdays.

At least when they are like this one. Which is to say, perfect.

Can I have corn for breakfast? Sure, why not?

And here was mine: toast, bacon, tomatoes (from farmer's market, yum), and cheddar.
A little planting...

...a lot of dirt.

Trying to keep T from dashing into the street, playfully chanting, "Big D, Big D!"

It seems he's dug a hole to China.

Check S's stance in this one. A very common move of his these days, but the first time it's been captured on film. (errr, megapixels)
Fingers crossed for a good harvest.

End the day with scrambled egg pizza, featuring farmer's market zucchini and asparagus. Mmm.


Linda said...

The scrambled egg pizza looks delicious!
what did you plant?

My muscles are reminding me that I mowed, weeded and PLANTED flowers today . It was a beautiful day : )
love memaw

Linda said...

Looks like Simon and Theo are having a wonderful day. See you soon.

Susan said...

I agree the scrambled egg pizza does look tasty. Was that feta?

Also - how on earth do you have zucchini and corn already?

Maiasaura said...

Inquisitive ladies:
In our pots are peas, flat leaf parsley, cilantro, and swiss chard. I really want to do some basil, too, but will have to shop for the seeds somewhere else. Kroger's seed selection was fairly limited. :-)

Susan, there were various cheeses on the pizza. A little mozzarella, a little provalone, and also some queso fresco, which is what looks like feta.

Here's what happened with the summery produce: We went to the Peoria farmer's market this week. There were mostly flowers, and one stand with all this beautiful produce. I asked the lady how she had all these summer veggies already. Basically, she is not a local farmer, but an importer. All this stuff came from the Southern US. I felt like I was cheating somehow, to buy these things that should represent the glorious bounty of summer. Plus one of my main reasons for going to the farmers' market is to buy LOCAL produce, not stuff that had traveled all the way from Louisiana. But, I figured it was still organic, I was still supporting the farmers' market instead of the supermarket, and it just looked so dang tasty. I couldn't help myself.

In the coming weeks there should be more local farmers there, selling seasonal veggies. I'm going to try to shop with them instead, even though the non-local summer stuff will be tempting.

Angela said...

Makes me miss the Logan Square Sunday market..even though we only made it there like twice :)