Saturday, May 17, 2008

I found this picture when I was organizing the craft room this afternoon. It has always been one of my favorite pictures of me and my mom. When I saw it again today, I was almost knocked over by how strongly my little self resembled T (or, really, how T resembles my little self).
And here is our version of the same photo.

Hope you're having a great weekend.


sarah said...

oh my goodness!!!!! I remember that pic of you and your mom from their house and i just love it. i always thought Theo looked like you, but now that i've seen that photo next to his it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Hopefully he will not be as pretty as you - it may cause him to get beat up more than the average boy. hee hee. I'm sure he'll be handsome! love you all!

Colin said...

wow. Just. . . wow.

Angela said...

I had a momentary brain spasm looking at the photo. I thought it was a photo of Theo and then realized it was from a different era....ditto what Colin said.