Sunday, April 27, 2008

asking the hard questions. and the plague of catalogs.

While unpacking the last of the boxes marked KITCHEN today, I came to the understanding that my old, cramped kitchen had more storage than I realized at the time, and that my new, spacious kitchen has slightly less than I expected. Time to make some decisions. Do I really need three pizza cutters? Should I really make space for a potato masher that I use probably once a year? And does anyone really need a mango slicer/pitter? These and other utensils made their way into the donation box. I hope they find a home where they'll come out of the drawer more often.

The previous lady of the house appears to have enjoyed shopping by catalog. (Or possibly on the internet --- they usually put you on the mailing list after an online order, too). Either way, we receive an average of 7 catalogs a day. Every day. It seems so wasteful to receive these and them throw them directly into the recycling bin. There were three or four catalogs that I thought it would be fun to browse through once a month, but the other 40+ were of no interest. So I sat down and called them one by one, asking that the catalog be cancelled for this address. I thought they might try to convince me that I actually did want to receive their catalogs, but I was wrong. All of the operators I talked to were very friendly and helpful. The catalog flow should slow down soon.
(this is about two days' worth of catalogs)


Yesterday the boys and I took the first bike ride of the season. They hopped in the trailer and I biked to Kroger, which is one of two grocery stores here in our new town (the other is a super Wal-mart, which I hope to avoid). It took probably fifteen minutes each way. Okay, maybe 20 (or 25?) including the time it took to get helmets on and get everybody strapped in. But I felt like the ride was very manageable, and from here on out my goal is to drive less and bike more to the store. The boys seemed to have fun. That was a relief; last year T hated the trailer and would frequently scream the whole time he was in there. I think this year will be much better for biking.


We are still loving the house, and every day we get closer to being finished with the arduous process of unpacking. There are still a lot of boxes in the garage, but the house is in full functioning order, and ready for house guests. We are completely serious about having a big out-of-town-friends slumber party, but I didn't hear back from most of you about what time of year would work. If you live in Portland or Europe, I guess you get a pass. But those of you in Chicago, we want to see you down here sometime soon. Can any of you come this spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? Of course, you are welcome to come individually, too. It doesn't have to be a big group affair, though we are hoping for that at some point. Just let us know if you can come down to visit sometime. Anytime. We are ready for you.

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Angela said...

As a fellow mom, I appreciate the importance of the reduction of utensils and catalogs. Well done on the catalog calling. I always put things like that off forever.

Still not sure if we'll be about in July but while Lily's away will be doing grand ticket search.