Saturday, March 22, 2008

On Saturday we had S's 5th birthday party at the Children's Discovery Museum in Normal. It was a great experience. They made it so easy to have a fantastic morning. All I did was bring some quiche. I delegated some other food items to family members, and that was it. The night before the party felt really surreal, without the usual marathon cleaning and midnight streamer hanging. Maybe next year I can do the crazy involved party again, but for this year, the museum was perfect.


Jay M. said...

What a great birthday party! I bet it was a wonderful time.

Bonnie said...

How fantastic! I loved the snake Simon had on his face.

Maybe that's where we should be having Travis' birthday party tonight, instead of our home. Then he could pet a llama.

Angela said...

A llama? Oliver and I are floored. Wow.

I want to play with that train set, too, more to arrange the village around it than to drive the train, mind you.