Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Day in Spain. Ah, Sitges.

I'm finally back with the final installment of my Barcelona reports. Friday was my favorite day of the whole trip, though the competition was fierce.

We took a 30 minute train ride to the seaside town of Sitges. Oli had the day off, so we all got to go together again. I thought the pacing of our trip as a whole was impeccable. We spent the first part of the week as moderately busy tourists, seeing everything we had read about in the travel book. Then the last two days were utterly relaxing days spent with our friends. That plan wasn't intentional, it just kind of fell that way. But it was perfect.

I don't have a lot to say about Sitges, except that it was the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life thus far. The other thing you should know is that these pictures don't even come close to communicating that beauty.

I kept looking around, gasping at what I was seeing, then snapping photos. But the photos wouldn't look as amazing as the scene right in front of me. It didn't stop me from trying, as you can see. But something in Sitges could not be captured. Something about the light. And maybe the air and the sound of the ocean.

All the street signs were tiles like this. Gorgeous.

We had lunch right by the beach.

I ordered something called "small fried fish," picturing a small fried fillet, or, I don't know, a fish stick. This is what I got. Exactly what they called it on the menu. I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater at this point in my life, but I could only eat one of these small fries.

As we walked along, we kept fantasizing about living in Sitges, pointing out the most amazing properties we saw. This balcony with arches caught our eyes.


There were lots of well dressed pooches in Sitges.

At this point I was missing the boys something terrible.

Lily and I took a little stroll down by the waves, hunting for shells. This little girl was so good all day. I think her parents deserve a lot of credit for being so responsive and kind, and for going at a Lily-pace, rather than making her adhere to a grown up pace. This may sound over the top, but I'm not joking: In addition to leaving Spain with a trunkful of memories and experiences, I felt rather like I had attended a parenting seminar. Angela and Oli have a style that I really admire. I hope it rubbed off on me.

On our way back to the train. It was a lovely day.

Here is a shop I had to show you. It give me the heeby geebies to write this, but this is what it is: Those are all animal legs propped up along the counter, mostly pigs', I presume. Anyway, they are propped up, hooves out, and the meat is shaved off as per customers' requests. Kind of wild. We ate a lot of delicious ham all week, so I can't pretend to be too disgusted by this.

When we got back to the city, it was bed time for Lily, frozen pizza for grown ups, and later tea and a movie. A great last day. I'm really grateful to Ang and Oli for taking us to Sitges. I looked forward to it all week, and it didn't disappoint at all.


Colin said...

it looks like you guys had an awesome trip, I'm very happy for you!

Jay M. said...

I agree. Sounds like the whole time was amazing.

I've really enjoyed the lengthy updates, and all the photos and comments.

And welcome home!

Angela said...

Laura, you've definitely captured Barcelona better than I have ever in my blog. Glad to have had you guys and sad to have seen you go.

Nate, I'll point out that Laura mentioned the quality of light in this last post. I stand by my assertion that the sunlight is 'just different here'....