Friday, March 14, 2008

go away.

Today S is at school for most of the day and I should be using this nice chunk of time to pack boxes. But I'm not. Right now I would describe my attitude toward packing as, "paralyzed." Okay, that's not an attitude. Is it a feeling? I don't know. The point is, the house is so insane right now that I can't make myself face it. So I'm facing the computer instead.

Our closing date is three weeks from today, and we'll move in the next day. This is the longest we've ever had to prepare for a move, which is good, mostly. It's not quite as hectic as our other moves, and I have more time to sort through things and decide what's worth moving and what can be discarded. But, on the other hand, it kind of extends the amount of time that our house is in an epic state of disaster. And that's no fun.

I'm happy to report that, so far, this move is feeling SO MUCH DIFFERENT than our last one. Last time, the move felt forced upon us by circumstances out of our control. This time, it was our choice entirely. Last time, we left an apartment I loved and had no idea where we would land after we left Chicago. This time, we are leaving a relative dump for the lap of luxury. I'm so excited to get into our new house. Two bathrooms! Garage! Big yard! I think about these amenities every day now. Cannot wait.

That's enough of me. I'm going to send you elsewhere today, if you're up for a few good reads/images.

First, this blog post. Catherine Newman writes really beautifully about an ugly part of motherhood. I related so much to her analogy of a wave and a shipwreck. I almost couldn't believe another person found the words to describe my experience to a tee. A post like this is one reason to love the internet.

Next, here is an interview with my hero Amanda Soule, with a focus on her home and her spaces for kids. In this interview, she talks about why she keeps the tv out of the living space and why she prefers wood toys. I already agreed with her on these topics, but she puts things so well that I was convinced all over again.

On Design Sponge, Grace often gives sneak peaks into the homes of designers or artists. I've loved a lot of the houses she has featured, but none can compare to this one. This is what my dream house looks like. Love the colors, love the furniture. Perfection. I know you've been wondering about what I wish my house looked like, so you're welcome.

Finally, a happy little video for all you Barack lovers. Gotta stay encouraged during this crazy-long primary.
That's all I have. Now get out of here.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Mom! See you tonight.

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