Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cold turkey.

We had cold turkey sandwiches for lunch. Also, yesterday I decided to take T's pacifier away. It had always been primarily a sleeping aid, with occasional use in the car or public places. Lately, though, I noticed him getting more attached to it, refusing to leave it in his crib and losing his mind when I tried to take it away. This might seem like a very cruel time to take the paci away, and maybe it was. But, based on previous experience, I believed letting him bring paci to our new house would only cement their relationship. So paci had to go, and yesterday seemed like as good a day as any to throw myself into the tortuous process. He did well for his nap... only 30 minutes of fussing and snuggling before he fell asleep. I bragged to Nate all evening about what a champion I was, what a rockstar mom to take charge and free us from the reign of the paci. Then last night came, and I didn't feel so victorious. He was up a lot, and I was left without my normal mode of helping him get back to sleep (grope in dark for paci, insert paci into mouth). It was a rough one... I ended up 'sleeping' on the twin bed in his room, since going back to my own bed began to feel pointless. I'm hoping that will be the worst night we have. Today he went down for his nap easily, like he had no memory of his little plastic friend. Fingers crossed.

Here is the last picture I took in Barcelona, in the elevator, of course. It was 6:30 am, and we had been waking up around 10 am for the past week. I was tired and dreading the long day of travel in front of us. Somewhere in the long, winding corridors of Heathrow airport, I told Nate I wasn't sure if a trip abroad was worth all this. 'This' meaning the endless hallways and escalators, the lines, the airplane food, the slight nausea and headache, the severe grumpiness. My grumpiness really couldn't be overstated. I owe Nate somewhere around 57 apologies for 57 seperate moments of ugliness, irritability, and selfishness during our long trip back home. I told you already, guys: me = terrible traveler. Anyway, it only took a day for me to withdraw my statement about the trip not being worth the travel. It was so worth it. I'd hop back on a plane right now --- 8 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, bring it --- to be back in that amazing city with such good friends. I just wanted to say thanks one more time to Oliver, Angela, and Lily for hosting us and making our vacation so special. Stateside friends of the Seeleys: If you have a chance to visit our friends in Barcelona, go go go!. You will have so much fun whilst drinking an unbelievable amount of tea and possibly getting hooked on crazy BBC shows.

The boxes continue to pile up here. It's crazy to think that this stuff is going to be boxed up for weeks (maybe months), we won't need it for that time, and yet we're going to the trouble of moving it to our new house. Why do we accumulate so much stuff? It makes me feel a little sick, and yet I can't part with these things. To be fair, I have a respectable pile of boxes filled with things to be donated. And lots of garbage bags will be filled before this process is over. But, still. Man, we have a lot of stuff. Right now I'm feeling really good about the packing progress. I'm sure we'll still have a last minute rush, but maybe it won't be as messy as past moves.

There are some things I need to post about in the coming week, mostly 5th birthday festivities. Other than that, things might get quiet over here. Don't hate me if all I post for the next month are Boosh videos.

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