Thursday, March 20, 2008

bouncy bouncy, ooo such a good time.

Today S turned 5.
We had our traditional pancakes with candles for breakfast.

He opened a couple gifts. Dinosaur from mommy, game from dad. He was quite pleased with both.

Unfortunately, the next event of the day was a trip to see the doctor.

We waited A LONG TIME. The boys were amazing, I thought. But every kid has their limit. T reached his at about the 1 1/2 hour mark.
That's when the doctor came in and confirmed my suspicions that S has pink eye. Happy Birthday!

This kid was phenomenal all day. His spirits were high, despite the goop in his eyes. I love him so much. Could write so much more, but the Boosh is calling, along with a big bowl of popcorn. No packing today... five years ago I was doing the hardest work of my life in a rock hard hospital bed. I deserve a break, I think, to commemorate that event. Back to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Simon! Happy Birth Day Laura!

Colin said...

give the boy a hug and kiss for me (away from the eyes, though)!

Ah, I remember that day long ago ----- whenever the NCAA tournament starts up I think of Simon being born.