Saturday, March 1, 2008

Barcelona. We are Here.

Hello, readers. This week Nate and I are in Barcelona. While we are here, this blog is going to turn into a way for me to tell the boys about our trip. They stayed behind with Grandma and Grandpa. I already miss them dearly. Anyway, I hope you all don't mind the change in format.

Dear S and T,
Today we rode on three different airplanes until we finally arrived in Barcelona, Spain. Riding on planes for so long can make you very tired. Here is a picture of daddy sleeping on the plane.

Here is a picture of the building where we are staying. Angela and Oliver's apartment is on the very highest floor.
Here is a crane that we saw. Angela said there is construction going on all over the city. Can you see the pink round building that says SAMSUNG? A long time ago, that was a bull-fighting arena. Now bull fighting is illegal here. They are turning the pink building into a shopping mall.
The weather in Barcelona today was very nice. We walked by this palace. Well, it used to be a palace. Now it is an art museum.
We rode a lot of steep escalators to get up to the museum.
These dogs were chasing each other around a bush!
We walked through some lovely park areas.
Here is a statue from one of the parks.
We walked by a spot that has a great view of the city. Unfortunately, it was pretty hazy so we couldn't see it too well.
When we were on our way back to Angela and Oliver's house, we saw a lot of people sitting around this fountain. We learned that they were waiting for a show to start, involving music and lights and the fountain.
Our friends had to go home because Lily was getting tired. But we stayed and watched the fountain show.
It was very pretty. I took some video too, and we can watch that together when we get home.

Guess what. Right now it is 1:30 where you are. That means you just had lunch, and T is probably taking a nap. But here in Barcelona it is 8:30 at night. We are about to eat dinner, and we'll probably go to bed soon afterward. Isn't that weird?

We love you guys. Hope you had a fun day.
Mom and Dad.

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