Saturday, March 8, 2008

Barcelona, Day 6 --- Stateside version

We're back in the States. I'll admit right now that I am a terrible traveler, especially on the return journey. The trip is over, the fun has been had, the memories made, and I just want to be home. But, I'll tell you this: the minute I saw those two moon faced boys, all the unpleasantness of a day spent on three planes faded away. S's reaction to seeing us was priceless, everything I could have hoped for, and T seemed to recognize us, which was more than I had counted on.

Let me pick up where I left off. Most people in Barcelona don't have dryers for their clothes. The climate is such that it makes more sense to air dry the laundry. Here is where Ang, Oli, and their neighbors hang their laundry out.

That's a long way down if you drop your knickers.
Cutie Lily watching Elmo.
Oli didn't have work this day, so we all went together to Montjuic. Three modes of transport were necessary to get there. First a regular metro train, then the funicular.
Funicular feet.
Here's a sign for S. I like to show him how he can read signs even when they don't have words.
And here was our final method of transportation, the teleferic. Basically a glorified ski-lift.
It was fun. The views were superb.
Big wheels keep on turnin'...
The castle on Montjuic houses a military museum, I think. We spent our time outside, so I'm not certain.

Lovely grounds, as you can see.
Angela and Lily take in the views.
You can see the busy shipping yards from up there.

We found a perfect spot for a picnic, overlooking the bridge.
Big ups to Angela for packing a simple but delicious lunch. It hit the spot.

Don't fall down and die, people.
Spectacular host-family.
Overjoyed tourists.

Back down the mountain.


When we got back to the flat, Oli and Ang took Lily to some friends' place for the night so the four of us could go out. We took the train to Barceloneta, the neighborhood where they lived for a short time when the first moved back.
We dined at this fancy pants restaurant, Can Ramonet.
Fisherman's paella. Freshest seafood ever.
Mmmmm. We took care of it.
Elegant dessert.

Afterwards we enjoyed a stroll on the beach.
The waves were amazing, but impossible to photograph.

A beautiful night with beautiful friends. Thank you.
Feeling a bit delirious after a day of travel. Need to get to bed. Tomorrow will be the last Barcelona post, and the best yet.


Jo said...

Laura! I didn't even know you two were going there..... it looks SO amazing! :) You'll have to fill me in. Hopefully you don't think I've been a jerk.. I got your very considerate card.. and I appreciate it much. Very much. :)
You're great.
Hopefully we can meet up soon-ish.

Maiasaura said...

Joan, No I don't think you're a jerk. Dude, life is busy. We bought a house! In Morton. We are moving next month, so hopefully you can come see our new house sometime.
Hope you are well. Talk to you later.