Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barcelona, Day 5.

Hello, Boys! I have a lot of pictures for you again today! Are you ready? Here we go!

This morning we took the train to Parc de la Ciutadella. Angela and Lily came with us; they were meeting some friends for a playdate.
It was a good day for orange shoes.
Here is a tree I saw in the park. It is dark on the bottom and white on the top. There is a piece of art next to it.
Parc de la Ciutadella had very interesting trees and plants. They looked very tropical to me.
Look at this interesting tree trunk.
Palm leaves are star-like.
The tops of some trees looked like pineapples to me. Can you see them?
These trees had very squiggly branches. They looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book.
Here are Angela and Lily with their friends Leann and Violet. We said hello and decided to meet again later. Daddy and I wanted to go to the Picasso Museum.
On our way to the museum, we passed this sweet shop. In the window they had fancy chocolates with characters.
Here is a chocolate cottage with someone you might recognize. Can you find him? Hint: he is red.
Here are our reflections in the door of the Picasso Museum. It was chilly outside this morning, so we were happy to be going inside.
In the museum, I wasn't sure if we were allowed to take photos. I waited for a long time before I attempted to take any pictures.
Eventually I decided to go for it.
I took only a few shots of the many amazing paintings on display.
Then a security guard saw me and told me no pictures were allowed in the Picasso Museum. So I put my camera in my bag. We really enjoyed the museum. It was amazing to see how talented Picasso was from an early age, and to see how his style changed over the years.
After soaking in all of the Picasso available, Dad and I had lunch at the museum cafe, which was cozy, beautiful, and served delicious food.
When we left the museum, we were on a mission to find Leann and Violet's apartment, which was very nearby. They gave us directions when we met at the Park. We were looking for a cafe with a green door called Flassaders. Is that it in the distance?
Yes, we found it!
We walked up many flights of stairs to get to their apartment. Once there, we sat down for a cup of tea and a visit. It was very nice.
Next we did a little shopping at a chocolate shop. Look at all these chocolate bars!
Then we headed to a big market called La Boqueria where people who live in the center of Barcelona can do their grocery shopping.
The market was huge and busy, crowded with people looking through all the stalls.
You can buy many things there. Meat...
Most importantly, fruits and veggies!
It was really fun to look around and see all the variety of fresh foods.
I found my name on a sign.
Eggs, anyone?
We saw a few things that we had never seen before. This is a pitahaya, which is a cactus' flower, apparently.
Here is what they look like on the outside. Weird, huh? Looks like another crazy creation from Dr. Suess. I guess he may have had more real-world inspiration than I previously thought.
After strolling through the market, we were about ready to call it a day.
I felt much better today. I was tired, but my cold seems to be going away.
Joan Miro park is very close to Angela and Oliver's flat, so we decided to walk through it before going back. You can see this statue quite clearly from their balcony.
Here is the other side. Oli told me it's supposed to be a woman. What do you think?
Here is a sign from the park. What do you think it says, S? It doesn't have words, just symbols, so I think you can read it.
Tired feet.
One last stop before going inside. Hot chocolate and churros.
Mmmmmmm. Delicioso.
Oh, here is a collage I made of the photos from the market. What colors can you see? Did you know that humans have evolved with an aversion to blue food? That's why only candy is blue... there aren't many natural foods that are blue. Only blueberries, which are kind of purple. Anyway, the market was a very colorful place.
Finally, here are some animals I saw today. Which ones are real? Which ones are not?

Time for dinner.
Hugs and kisses to everyone across the ocean.


Banana Mama said...

I love your daily updates. I'm living vicariously through you guys. Keep posting tons of pictures and showing the city. It's like a personalized travel show. It's great!

Bonnie said...

The market pictures are my favorites so far. Good eye, LB.

Gemma said...

Hello, I'm from BCN and I have found your blog by chance. I would like to comment that the sculpture is “La dona y l'ocell” (The lady and the bird) of Joan MirĂ².

Greetings and love your photos so much!

Maiasaura said...

Hi, Gemma! Thank you so much for stopping by! And thank you for the info on the sculpture. I enjoyed it all week, as it could be seen from our friends' balcony.