Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Barcelona, Day 4.

Hi, boys. A bit later with the post today. It's midnight here, so that means 5 pm where you are. We had a full day of sightseeing, and then Angela made us a delicious dinner which we shared with Angela, Oliver, and their friend Timo. That was fun. Now I'm going to tell you about our day.

Here we are leaving for the day. I like to take pictures in the elevator for some reason. My cold was worse today, so that was a bummer. Every morning when we leave the flat, the first thing we do is get some money and then go buy some kleenex at a nearby shop. This was our third morning to do that, and the shop owner smiles at us now. He must think we use a lot of kleenex. I hope my cold will get better, and one of these days we won't need to buy kleenex before we go out for the day.
We headed to Placa de Cataluyna. I saw two police officers on horses.
We bought tickets for this tour bus. The bus took us to twenty different places all around the city. They gave us headphones so we could listen to information about what we were seeing. If we wanted to, we could get off at each stop, look around, and then get back on the next bus.
When we started off, Daddy and I sat on the top of the bus. Later, we sat down below because it got chilly.
Here is an ad for Camper, my favorite brand of shoes.
We saw many beautiful buildings as we drove all around the city.
It seems that everyone in Barcelona has a little balcony off their apartment.
I liked the rusty color of this building.
Do you remember yesterday when I wrote about a park designed by Antoni Gaudi? Today one of the major stops on our bus tour was a church designed by Gaudi, called Sagrada Familia. Here is the first glimpse we caught of Sagrada Familia.
Sagrada Familia has not been completed. It is still being built, slowly. They have been building it for over 100 years! You can see all the cranes and scaffolding in this picture.
Only about 60% of the entire plan for Sagrada Familia is in place (that's a little more than half). The part that is done is called the Temple. Here is what it looks like inside.
There were some lovely stained glass windows.
Hello, pigeon. What are you doing inside this church?
This was my favorite part, I think. The columns were inspired by trees. See how they branch out like tree branches? The ceiling is meant to look like a forest. Imagine you are in a forest, looking up, and you see the canopy of trees above you. I think Gaudi did a good job of capturing that in this ceiling. What do you think?
Here is a twisty staircase.
More scaffolding inside.
There are many things carved on the outside of the church, mostly characters from religious stories like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. But Gaudi must have also liked animals. One pillar had this sea turtle carved into the base.
Another pillar had this box turtle.
And, just for good measure, he threw in some roosters. There were animals carved all over, actually, but most of them were too far away for me to get a good photo.
Here is the facade (or the outside) of the Temple.
We went to a little museum all about Gaudi. I really enjoyed this exhibit that showed how he took ideas from nature and used them in his work. Here he imitated a wasp nest in a piece of decorative metal.
This picture shows how the form of a wave was imitated in the cave-like walk way he carved. We saw those yesterday at Parc Guell.
This photo compares another feature in Parc Guell to a mushroom.
Here you can see how Gaudi's pillars resemble tree trunks.
Here you can see how the roof of one of his buildings was inspired by a curvy leaf or a flowy stingray.
This decorative stone was inspired by a tree with its branches cut off. I especially like this one, because if I saw a tree with branches cut off, I might not think it was nice to look at. But Gaudi saw it and found beauty in it, and the art he made from that idea is also beautiful.
This picture is comparing the Sagrada Familia ceiling to the forest ceiling.
As we were leaving, I saw an orange tree! Can you find the little orange?
Here we are, waiting for our tour bus to come.
A little later, we ate lunch at this cafe.
We didn't get off the bus many more times after seeing Sagrada Familia. I was feeling very tired because of my cold. Sitting down on the warm bus just felt so good, we couldn't bring ourselves to get out and walk much more. I snapped this photo of a sculpture from inside the bus. Then I started to fall asleep. So we went back to Angela and Oliver's.
I really hope tomorrow I can muster the energy for more exploring. There is a museum I want to check out and a market I want to see. I will report back all our adventures tomorrow.
How was your day? I hope you are having a good time. I think about you guys every minute of the day. I hope you will have the opportunity to explore new places when you are older. As our lives unfold, I'm sure we'll do some exploring together. Then, one day, you'll be big enough to have adventures all on your own. Maybe you'll have a blog and tell us all about them.
Much love to you tonight, all the way from Barcelona.
Hugs and kisses,
Mom and Dad


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