Sunday, March 2, 2008

Barcelona, Day 2.

Hi, boys! How are you? It's the end of our second day in Barcelona, and it's rest time for you. The difference in time zones is still very weird to me. We saw a lot of the city today. We walked a lot and I took a lot of pictures, so I want to show you some. It might be too many to look at all at once, so you may have to look at them more a little later.

We started off our day by taking a walk to the store to buy tissues (Daddy and I both have colds), to the bakery to buy croissants and pastries, and then to a nearby park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Here are some motorcycles.
Here we are in the park. It had a nice playground with a lot of sand.
Here I wrote you a note in the sand. Can you see the keys? They are a little different than the type of keys we use. Ask Grandma to look at her keys and you'll see how they are different.
You can see that the park was very full of people and families. Think of how pretty it would be when the trees have green leaves!
Here is another area in the park. There was a pond with some ducks swimming, some interesting towers, and some steps for people to sit and relax.
Here is a giant sculpture of a dragon that is also a slide! Oli was kicking a ball up the slide to Lily.
Later in the day we walked by a port with a lot of ships. Can you see them in the water?
Here in Barcelona they seem to enjoy art because it is all over the city. Here is a nice sculpture. Very colorful, right?
We walked through some small, winding streets. They were very interesting to look at and beautiful to me. Streets like this really remind you that you are in another country.
More art along the street that I liked.
Here is an interesting little plaza.
S, I thought you would like this t-shirt.
We walked along a street called La Rambla where there were many vendors selling different things. There were many flower stands.

In Barcelona, people have to be careful about carrying their bags and cameras. There are people who don't have much money and will steal your things if they get a chance. The Rambla is a place where a lot of people get their things stolen, so as we walked here I was keeping my hand on my bag all the time, and I had my camera strap wrapped around my wrist.

Angela and Oli told us something surprising about pickpockets (another name for robbers who take your things on the street). If you catch them taking your stuff, they will apologize and give it back to you.
Barcelona even has art on the street! Look at this neat mosaic. I think it's by a famous artist named Joan Miro.
More motorbikes.
A funny box on a wall.
Daddy, Angela, and I all had a traditional English breakfast for lunch. English breakfast is this: bacon, sausage, egg, beans, hash browns, fried tomato, toast, and, of course, tea.
The place where we ate our English breakfast was a pub where everyone was watching a football match. In Spain, football means soccer. They are crazy about soccer over here.
Can you see the tv on the wall? That's where people are watching the game.
Hey, guys, look at all these red bikes! The city of Barcelona had a great idea. They wanted more people to ride bikes so that there would be less cars in the city. If you join a club of sorts, you can use these bikes for free to get around the city. There are places to park them all around the city, and if you use the city's bikes you don't have to worry about your own bike getting stolen. Isn't that a great idea? We thought it was.
Here are our shadows.
Hello, S and T! Mr. Crab is waving to you!
Here are those city bikes again. I really like the way they look.
We walked all the way to the beach! It was lovely.
As you can see, there are many, many people out and about, enjoying their Sunday.
There were some musicians on the beach. I thought you would like to see their big tuba.
We kept walking and saw many pretty buildings and streets, and this fountain.
I took this picture of balloons for T, so be sure he sees it!
These pigeons found a nice spot for a bath and a drink.
Okay, guys, after walking about for a while, we found our way back to La Rambla. There were many street performers there, and I took some pictures for you. The street performers dress up in crazy costumes and stand still like statues until someone gives them some money. Then they will do a little dance or some crazy moves and the crowd laughs and takes pictures. It's pretty fun. Here is a big skeleton.
This guy was painted gold and was on a bike with a big wheel. When he peddled his bike, his little puppet peddled a smaller bike as well.
I liked this lady who was covered in fruit.
And this lady had no head! Oops! Where do you think it is?
We walked a lot and were tired when we came back to Angela and Oliver's apartment. Here we are in the tiny elevator going up to the eleventh floor.

Goodnight! We love you so much. I heard you had a sunny day in Illinois and got to play outside! I'm so happy that you got to enjoy some nice weather just like we did.
Bye bye.
Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Looks fun! Enjoy each minute.
Love, Em

Colin said...

Man, that looks awesome! miss you guys! say hi to the Seeleys for me!