Sunday, February 24, 2008

two outta three ain't bad

Here is the second chair. Done!

Mr. Justin is into music, I'm told. His sweet Grandma, who commissioned these chairs, asked me to incorporate his love of music into his peace chair. In all honesty, the music notes strike me as a little cheesy. They kind of make me cringe slightly. But this was the best way I knew how to interpret the assignment. Thankfully, I don't think Justin will be as critical of his chair as I am.

Other than the notes, I think this chair looks pretty swell. I hope they like John Lennon.

We are watching the Oscars, and I just started whooping and clapping when Falling Slowly from Once won for best song! I'm so happy for that cute, cute couple from that amazing movie. Love.


Colin said...

We all started clapping here when they won! And when Jon Stewart brought Marketa back out to give her speech: classy move.

Maiasaura said...

yeah, that was great. agreed.

Todd said...

FABULOUS CHAIRS! I found your pics on the ETSY PeaceNiks Flickr pool.
Love them!! I assume you do custom orders?
Todd in Santa Fe