Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This morning T enjoyed some Honey Nut Cheerios. He would feed some to me, then eat some himself.

With hopes of getting body, mind, and house ready for the trip to Barcelona, I made a chart for myself with daily goals. They include cardio and weight lifting, staying within a reasonable calorie count, doing one load of laundry, and working on the chairs, among others. Unfortunately for you, I didn't make blogging part of my new regimen, so it will probably suffer during these weeks to come. For each task I complete, I get a star on my chart. Like a kindergarten student. I'd like to promise myself a nice reward for completing all my goals, but everything I want costs money. And we're trying to save some of that for the trip. Maybe once we get to Spain, I can reward myself with a pair of shoes. That would be nice.
We made these valentines for S's classmates yesterday, and he handed them out today. He picked out the dog bone paper, and it was my task to somehow make it valentine-y. Hearts will do the trick every time! And, just lucky, we happened to already have the pet-themed valentine's stickers at home. I think they came out pretty cute. (By the way, S hates the word cute these days. Nothing can be called cute. Sometimes he even uses the term, but catches himself and changes it to 'cool'. I think it's another weird gender thing he's picked up at school.)

Here's something funny: I forged S's signature on most of his valentines. As you know, he can write his name, but it's still a bit of a struggle. Asking him to write his name 16 times in one day was too much. If I had been thinking, I would have spread it out over a week or so, but of course we waited until the day before the party. What do you think of my handiwork? Can you pick out the real signature?

I'm so over winter this year. Everything that was charming and sentimental about the weather in December is now wretched and oppressive. I know winter is hard for most people, but I really think that spending the cold days with two little cooped-up boys makes the experience considerably worse. We are all yearning for Spring.
This man just can't be stopped. A week ago, on Supercalifragilistic Tuesday, I had my doubts. But now I know he's going all the way. We are pumped over here. Have you all seen this? What about this? Both really good, in different ways. If you are rooting for Barack, that is.
My little brother is a man now, and he coaches a high school basketball team. He's the blue blur in the background. S and I went to one of the games last night, and it was really fun. I should have prepared him for how loud it would be. It took a good 15 minutes for him to relax (and stop crying). Once he got used to it, though, he had a great time. His cousins were there, too, so that helped.
A few of my family members are notorious for being extraordinarily loud fans, and they kept up that noisy tradition at this game, even though they don't personally know any of the players. They were especially conspicuous last night, an away game, where the other fans were sparse and somewhat reserved. The players and their families recognize them now, and they are known as Coach's family. It was fun to be a part of that for one night. Next year (I guess the season is pretty much over now), I think we'll try to attend more of their games.

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