Friday, February 15, 2008

labor of love

We don't go crazy over Valentine's Day here. No decorations, a few little gifts. Nate had been craving tamales for a while, so I thought they would be a nice Valentine dinner. Have any of you made them before? It's kind of an all day affair. I started at about 9 am, and just had them finished for dinner at 6 pm. I used this recipe from the Food Network. It wasn't a great recipe, at least for a tamale novice. I found I needed more specific instruction. For instance, when describing how much masa to spread over the corn husks, it didn't give a quantity. But it did offer the strident yet vague admonition, "Do not use too much!" I could only guess what "too much" might mean. A lot of my problems probably stemmed from the fact that I'd never eaten tamales before last night. So I was really unsure what they should even look like.
But, when they were finally done, they tasted good. Nate gave them the thumbs up. He also gave me some beautiful flowers. Awwww.
Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day.


Angela said...

Always love your blogging. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Been a bit out of the loop lately.....but am back. Will be emailing to get a sense of what you'll like to do when you're here. No pressure, no worries, though!

Jay M. said...

Those tamales look rockin'. On the weekends, Tamale Guy comes by different bars at night with an insulated cooler full of tamales for sale.

His are not made with love, and are therefore probably less tasty.