Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just a few things

this weekend nate taught S how to play war.

it was so sweet to watch him learn this new game from his daddy.
he's in a BIG daddy phase right now. he often tells us that daddy is his favorite member of our family. honestly, i don't mind at all. i'm so glad they are close. i hope they are forever.

here's T, wanting to get in on the action.

finished a chair!
one down, two to go.

and, oh yeah, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. well, more accurately, our offer was accepted on a house. on friday, we'll draw up the final contract. then we'll head into a hectic month, full of home inspections, packing for a trip to spain, and packing for a move. oh my goodness. we are really, really excited. once everything is more finalized, i'll share some pictures. the house is wonderful, exactly the right space for us. and let me just say this: kitchen of my dreams.
that is all. carry on.


Banana Mama said...

I'm excited that I get to be the first one to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations! :)

Your babies are cute, your husband is wonderful, you're going to Spain.

And, spring is coming!


Bonnie said...

FANTASTIC! Congratulations on the house, LB! So wonderful.

Let me know if you guys need help with the move. Travis and I could lend a couple of hands. I clean and pack boxes. He lifts things. We're a good team.

I can't wait to hear more about your new home.

Colin said...

awesome! I'm so happy for you guys, a house of your own, how great!

Also, tell Simon I'm going to challenge him to some War when I see him next.

Jay M. said...

Yay! A whole house of your own with a sweet kitchen to boot.

Housewarming party?

Maiasaura said...

thanks, guys!

Jay, yes, absolutely housewarming party. We are already dreaming of getting all our friends to the new place at the same time... We'll have to figure out what time of year works best for everybody.