Friday, February 22, 2008

i need help.

Okay, so these days I don't do much shopping... I used to have a really good, solid sense of style. Now I'm just happy to get something that fits and doesn't bear some hideous motif.

I've been trying to get a few new things to wear in Spain, to avoid wearing my grungy mommy uniform. I have several cute pairs of flats that I'll probably wear the most, assuming the weather is nice. But I wanted a pair of shoes to wear in case of cooler temperatures, something I could wear with socks. Lack of time and money led me to Payless where I got these sneakers. Now I'm torn. They looked cute in the store, but now that I have them home, they look a little like old lady shoes. What do you guys think? Are they cute? Are they horrible? Do they look like orthopedic shoes? Oli and Angela, what will fashionable Spaniards think?

If they pass general muster, which laces do you like better? Dark or light?

Help me, hip people. I'm totally lost.


Colin said...

dark laces, dark!

Linda said...

Are they comfortable?? I agree dark laces

Anonymous said...

Laura, I'm hoping I can actually leave a comment to you here...I'm not to savvy at the whole "blogging thing." Anyway, after reading & looking through your site, I am even more impressed with all of the really creative and artsy stuff you do! You have such talent! Who are the chairs for? Are you taking them to Spain? ...I think I heard Micah saying something to you about our collage & I truly intended to send you a note LONG before now, but we truly love the work you did to help us commemorate our trip! With the help of a friend, I have finally painted walls & hung your work in a prominent spot in our cozy "stove room." Thank you again! ...Congratulations on buying a house! I'll look foward to hearing more about it.
--Becky W. (& Micah) :)

PS I do think the shoes are cute, but it's a tough call as to which laces.

Megan said...

Hey Laura! I'll weigh in since I'm over here too.:) Those shoes are totally Euro-worthy, especially with the dark laces. Good call getting trainers since you'll no doubt be walking a ton. And don't worry about not being fashionable enough for the Europeans. I thought that too, but it turns out that there are plenty of fashion victims over here too. In my observation, American style has lots of mediocrity, but European style is flagged with high highs and, omg, the lowest of lows. And I can tell from this blog that you're already ahead of the pack.
I don't know about back home, but everyone's talking floral prints over here for spring, if you're interested. Have fun!

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, you guys! I'm going with the dark laces.

Becky, the chairs are for a lady in Chicago. We are going up there shortly after we return from Spain, which is why I wanted to finish them before we leave on our trip. She commissioned one for each of her three grandsons.

Megan, thank you for your ex-pat perspective. You made me feel much better.

And, mom, yes they are comfy!

Housefairy said...

Dark laces, and yeah, they could go either way; hip-hop or granny, but I know you will rock 'em just right. I am so excited for your trip and hope you have a blast!