Friday, February 8, 2008

green chair, green wish list, and a small token of rememberance.

Friday!!! Phew.
Here is the green chair, in process. The paint job is finished. Now I have to move on to the decoupage work for all three chairs. Three weeks until Spain. Can I get these done? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
Much as I enjoy decorating S's brown paper lunch bags (today's kid's club theme: Valentine's Day), I don't see that happening next year when I'll likely be packing a lunch daily instead of every other week.

I'm also starting to be conscious of all the waste involved in a paper lunch sack, filled with plastic baggies. There are a lot of cool products out there to remedy this wasteful situation. Here are some items on my green wish list:
These reusable lunch bags are really cute and I think S would like them. But you still have to somehow organize the food that goes in them.
That's why these wrap mats would be great. Or, maybe just go for the big she-bang, the lunch box with built-in containers, the Laptop Lunchbox:
All great solutions, all available at

Looking around that site again reminded me that we really need to replace our plastic water bottles. I've been meaning to do this for a while... Plastic can break down eventually, leaking toxins into the beverages they hold! Ew. Metal bottles are a safer alternative. One for each family member would be nice.
Super cuties for the boys.
A pretty one for me.
Something manly for Nate.
One last thing. It's been two weeks now since the saga of THE HOUSE. My house, our house, that I loved, and I wanted so much. The sting of being outbid has certainly worn off, I'm not miserable about it anymore, but it was a sad experience. I bought myself a little token to remember that house by, which I hope to add to the next house we fall in love with (and actually buy), to pay homage to my first love.
There were two of these adorable light plates in the house. Cute little folksy details like this were all over that place, which was a big part of the reason we were so drawn in. So, I won myself one on ebay. This vintage light plate sported an energy-efficient message, back before it was hip to shrink your carbon footprint. Sweet.

This weekend will be a house hunting extravaganza. Six on Saturday, Seven on Sunday. I'm hopeful that we'll see some good stuff.

Happy weekend. See you later.


Bonnie said...

If you don't have the reusable lunch bags yet here's an idea. Travis and I reuse our ziploc baggies. Bring home, wash, reuse. It's not perfect but it's getting us by fairly well.

Oliver said...

don't buy yet! you haven't seen Barcelona, or England. You're gonna live where we live, you see. That's what we decided.

Maiasaura said...

Bonnie, that is a good idea. I think we do need a permanent bag, though, for that to work. Sending the lunch in a paper bag makes the whole thing look so disposable, you know? I don't think Simon will remember to bring it home instead of toss it (with all the ziplocks inside) until it's a more permanent bag.

Oliver, we have no doubt that we'll wish we could stay in Barcelona forever. Just don't know how realistic that is... I guess you'll have a week to convince us. Prepare your flowcharts and power point presentations now.