Monday, January 28, 2008

win some, lose some.

And this feels like a big loss.

On Friday, Nate and I made an offer on a house we both loved. After some back and forth, and a LOT of waiting, we were outbid by another buyer tonight.

Now I am totally getting why people warn you not to fall in love before the papers are signed, but TOO LATE. I was already in love, and my heart is now crushed. I feel sad, and I feel like I'll never find another house that I love as much as I loved that one. In my mind, it was perfect, and I'm sure I let myself go to far down the path of imagining our family's happy times under its roof. And in its huge yard. With it's huge, pre-existing vegetable garden. That is one thing that saddens me greatly... whoever bought that house will probably put sod over that garden. Tragic, I tell you.

I'm thinking I'll need some time to recover from this experience before we start looking again. My brain knows that we will find another place that is right for us. My heart says, "Ha. Not likely." In a few days, maybe a week, that message will fade into the distance, and I'll be ready to start the hunt again.

Dang! Who knew buying a house could be so traumatic? I'm totally exhausted from the whole weekend of waiting. Time for bed.

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