Wednesday, January 2, 2008

wednesday notes

T caught my cold, I guess, and here is what my little tornado looked like all day. A bit more subdued than usual.
It has been a long time since I spent the day with a baby on my hip. The snuggling aspect was nice. But carrying a
babytoddler around all day is hard on the body. I hold T on my left side, so my right side is aching tonight.
The thing about having a sick, sad little boy in your arms is that it's basically impossible to get anything else done. Like the laundry. Or dishes. Or taking down holiday decorations. Or picking up the thousands of toys on the floor. Or even changing out of your pajamas.

When we woke up today, we knew it was going to be absurdly cold outside. I planned to stay in all day. So there were no errands to run. And once I realized it was pointless to try to accomplish anything around the house, we actually had a pretty great day. It's a shame that it takes an illness to make me slow down and just play with my boys. I need to do that more.


On New Year's Day, T very clearly said, "Hi, S." We couldn't get him to repeat it, but we all heard it. I adore S's reactions to these moments. He is so enthusiastic in his support of his little brother. It's the best.

Also, today I found out that T knows what to do when someone holds up their hand and says, "High five." I don't know how he learned that. Probably saw S do it at some point.


I have a new guilty pleasure. It's called Crowned. Has anyone seen it? Well, tonight I found a way to feel a lot less guilty about watching it. Instead of making Nate suffer through my beloved trashy reality tv, I watched it downstairs while walking on my new treadmill. Oh, didn't I mention that I got a treadmill for Christmas? I did, and I am thrilled to have it. Finding time to get down there and use it is a challenge, for sure. But I am feeling determined. Today I was down there twice. First in the afternoon for about 40 minutes (when T woke up from his very short nap), then tonight during my show for an hour. Nate and I are going to Spain March 1, and I have several old pairs of pants that I would love to fit into by our trip. Wish me luck.


S is super into the Beatles right now. He heard Yellow Submarine on a KidzBop cd that he has, which features kids covering songs that were popular well before they were alive. I have mixed feelings about KidzBop, but I will be forever grateful to that cd for sparking my son's interest in the greatest pop band of all time.

So far, Nate has burned three albums for him: Magical Mystery Tour, Sergeant Pepper's, and Abbey Road. S skips around the albums a lot. The first few bars of a song are all he needs to hear, apparently, to know whether he likes it or not. Yellow Submarine (KidzBop version) remains a favorite, and has been joined by Octopus' Garden, All You Need is Love, and Magical Mystery Tour. Sometimes I'm shocked to hear him skip over a song that I (wrongly) assumed he would like. I mean, Penny Lane? I thought he would love that one. If I ask why he skipped a particular track, his response is always, "I don't like the instruments." Fair enough.


Fully dressed, with shoes and multiple layers of clothing, and a fleece pulled up over my nose, I AM SO COLD IN HERE. I'm going to crawl under the blankets now. The electric mattress pad has been on for a while now, pre-heating the bed, if you will. That sounds so nice. I wish I could just stay snuggled in there for the next few days, until some reasonable temperatures find us again.

Stay warm, everybody.

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Colin said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well, Theo's cold aside. Loved the Christmas pictures. Just wait 'til Simon gets his hands on Bungalow Bill. .. oh goodness.