Thursday, January 24, 2008

shut ins.

I've declared us shut-ins for the day, due to the absurd cold. It's freezing outside, and therefore cold in our drafty house. The boys and I are all sporting double pants, double socks, and triple shirts. And still we suffer icey hands and drippy noses.

I'm almost done with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Incidentally, I received a notice from the library that it is "assumed lost" and that I will be fined accordingly. Oops. I'll have to sort all that out tomorrow. As I said, we're not leaving the house today. Anyhow, it is not lost. I'm still making my way through the 12 cd's and enjoying each moment. I can't remember the last time I felt so inspired to try something. After we move this spring or summer, I really want to get down to the business of supporting local food economies. I know it will be some work, and I'm ready for that aspect.

There is one part of this new desired lifestyle that I dread. It has to do with two little boys and their picky pallettes. I'm all too aware that Barbara Kingsolver's daughters were 17 and 11 when they began their year of local eating. I imagine they were far easier to reason with than my own young boys will be. I can already envision the tearful scenes when I announce that delicious garden-fresh vegetables are for dinner. I want to make it fun, keep it light, maintain the loving vibe in our house, while simultaneously explaining why we will no longer be buying goldfish crackers or bananas. Ms. Kingsolver did not include a chapter on how to impart local food values to the Sesame Street set. I wish she had. I guess I'll have to write it myself.

Tomorrow I will get my Runaway Bunny tattoo finished. Here are pics of what it looks like now. The sky and grass will be filled in tomorrow, making a solid band around my left arm. I'm really happy with how it looks so far, so hopefully the final product will be just what I want. Have I mentioned how much this one hurt? Far and away the most painful of the three, I think because of the size and all the color. My first two were nothing compared to this. So I'm looking forward to it being done, but not so much to the time spent laying there with the autoclave to my arm. But I'll try not to complain too much about the pain, as it is completely of my own choosing. I'm paying a lot for this pain, in fact.To my eye, totally worth it.


Bonnie said...

you are shocking me, lady! no bananas! oh dear.... and your new tatoo is huge, huge, HUGE! it's very sweet though and they are doing a beautiful job with it.
why do you choose the tatoos you do? do you want them to say something about who you are? are you doing this to better your odds of never having to be a bridesmaid again? ;) (kidding, kidding)

Maiasaura said...

Well, you know, those bananas use a lot of gas to cross the ocean. I don't know how strict we'll be about the local foods thing. My guess is not very, but I hope to slowly move in that direction. Every little change adds up.

More than anything, I choose tattoos based on appearance. I would call myself a visual person... certain images, colors, styles, etc really catch my eye and call to me. And I have a lot of love affairs with illustrations in children's books. I've always loved the illustrations in Runaway Bunny, and I love the text to this one too (If you become a bird and fly away from me, I will be the tree that you come home to). So, first and foremost, I have to love the image. But they are also meaningful to me and my life at that moment. This one is all about my highest aspiration as a mother, to be a strong anchor for them, to be a resting place for them after they go out into the world.

This is not a ploy to avoid being a bridesmaid. I have, at times, felt bad for my sister in law, who may yet be married one day. But I can't live my life around other peoples' lives, you know? :-) Sorry, Jess.

Jay M. said...

I've always been fascinated by tattoos of all kinds, but never really had the desire to get any for myself. I think I would just look weird.

Your new one is absolutely great. I love it.