Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the mixed blessing of an electric mattress pad.

The thing about having an electric mattress pad is that it is blissfully warm, but it makes getting out of bed so hard. I have things I want to do. I could exercise, I could do laundry, I could work on painting a chair. But when the alarm goes off, urging me to get up and be productive in some way, it seems impossible to climb out from my toasty cocoon. During warmer seasons, I can get a lot done in the morning. I might even go so far as to call myself a morning person. But winter, man, winter turns that notion on its head. I'm thankful for a cozy bed during these cold days. Come spring, though, I'm going to have to hold myself to a higher standard.


S will now tell us he has a whack in his ear, as in the singular of wax. Sometimes I think a kid's version of English is more logical than the proper grownup version.


The boys both have runny noses. I kept S home from school again. He doesn't have any other symptoms, but I don't want to be the mom who brings her snotty child to school. I can't endure the glares, even if they are only in my own mind.

You may remember my New Year's Resolution to start taking my own bags to the store. Here are the bags I decided to buy. I got them at
The hardest part of the decision was choosing a color. I really wanted the red at first and was going to wait until the end of February for them to be restocked. Saving the earth could wait a few more weeks, right? But then I bought a red coat, and decided it would be too much red. So I went with the Sand, a nice nuetral color to look chic with whatever I happen to be wearing to the store. You can laugh, but a girl has to think of such things. Anyway, color aside, I LOVE these bags. I bought five to start out, though it might end up being enough. They hold a lot. Yesterday we went to both Target and Meijer, picked up a goodly amount at each store, and fit it all into five bags. I felt great. A grocery store bagger would have sent us home with probably 20 plastic bags, considering all the bags in which he or she would have inexplicably packed only one item. I know you guys know exactly what I'm talking about. What is that?

That's all I've got today. Take care, everybody.

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