Monday, January 14, 2008

forbidden love.

Everyone knows that the first rule of buying a house is that you don't get your heart set on a place before the papers are signed. But I don't understand how people follow that rule. We saw four places on Saturday, and I'm already in love.

I've also broken my own rules by falling for a house that is not in the country. It's smack in the middle of town, in fact. I'm trying to give myself permission to change my mind. I don't want to cling to an idea just out of principle... the place we buy has to be right for us. We have to live there for a long time. If we can envision being happy in this towny house, then I think it's only reasonable to consider it.

Despite my love for this particular place, we're still far from making any offers. We need to look at more places. We've also decided it makes the most sense to wait until we get back from Spain before we put an offer on anything. I need to get crafting so I can take my mind off that house.

I'm making progress on the chair orders. No pictures today, though. Sorry.

S and I are going to play Guess Who now. Later, skaters.

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Celeste said...

Hi Laura. House hunting. Yikes! Hey- so I have a new phone and none of the phone numbers I used to. It would be great if you could call me so we could talk and then I'll have your number. Sound good?