Monday, January 7, 2008


I love this profile. Look at his wayward hair. Beautiful.

Wood toys everywhere! I'm so happy.

Taken right after T knocked down his tower. From the get-go, we've tried to teach them that the knocking down is part of the fun, and that we can just build it again. Generally, S is on board with our philosophy. But sometimes it's hard. I get that.

Here is T's artwork. I was impressed by how evenly he covered the paper. And the table.

S, intently doodling.

Finally blooming. It has changed a lot since I took this picture on Saturday.

I feel like I have been very busy lately. But I don't have much to show for my work. It's mostly going on in my head.

I'm thinking/planning for three little chairs that I need to finish before March 1. I think I have colors and designs down. Now I need to actually get busy with my hands and make it happen.

Also! We're shopping for a house now. Crazy. So that means a lot of time looking at listings online, reading, dreaming, visualizing, thinking about what's right for us. Soon we'll make appointments to see some places in person. It will all seem more real then. In the meantime, I am constantly daydreaming about our family life a year from now, trying to give it shape and color, willing it to be happy and settled.

That's all for tonight. Postings may taper off a bit as I muddle through these busy months ahead. I feel like I have a marathon to run leading up to our glorious Spanish vacation. I'll try to give you little updates from time to time.

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