Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bits and bobs

It's cold in the house again today. The butter sitting out on the counter feels as hard as if it had just been in the refrigerator.It's rare that I grab a shower before the boys are awake. My typical routine is to serve and eat breakfast, let the boys play a bit, then put T in his crib while I shower. Yesterday I thought I would risk it and let him roam free while I got cleaned up. Sesame Street was on. I thought it would work.

When I came downstairs 15 minutes later, he was on top of the dining room table. On the table were several cans of latex paint which he could easily have launched onto the floor. Thankfully, I was spared that disastrous mess. Instead, I found him with an x-acto knife in his mouth. He was unharmed, completely oblivious to any danger. But you can bet he'll be going into his crib from now on. Lesson learned.
Before school this morning, S insisted on combing his hair by himself. I was happy to let him. After working on it for several minutes, he asked me how it looked. "It looks nice," I replied. He then explained that he needed to comb it a little more because it currently looked "too sexy." I followed our normal protocol for such instances: IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE. But I did wonder where he picked up that term. You never know with kids.

Here is an unrelated example of a time I had to employ the "ignore it so he doesn't know he shouldn't say it and will therefore eventually stop saying it" strategy. A few weeks ago, S stumbled upon a combination of sounds that he thought was very amusing. I feel confident in saying he didn't associate any meaning with the sound, just liked the way it rolled off his tongue. "Twat, twat, twat. Mom, I love to say twat!" Let me say, it was hard to keep my mouth shut. But I did. And he has forgotten all about his colorful little word. I think.
T and I were sharing some mango lemonade today, and I asked S if he wanted to try some. We had the following exchange:
"No, I don't like that juice."
"You've never tried it, though."
"But I know I don't like it."
"How can you say you know you don't like it, if you've never tried it?"
"Mom, I don't like that juice. I don't want to try it or like it, and that is my choice. That's my choice and it's the right choice for me. And it's okay for me to choose that."

I know this could potentially rub some people the wrong way, but his explanation made me proud. I think our teachings of live and let live are starting to take hold.
Wow, guys. Winter is really kicking my butt this week. I am so cold and unmotivated. I just want to stay in my bed, crank the mattress pad to HIGH and sleep the day away. Unfortunately, my two charges do not feel the same way.

On the upside, when I'm having such a hard time getting things done, crawling off the couch (even if I have to bring the afghan with me) to play a few games of Guess Who makes me feel like Mother of the Year. So that's nice.

Hope everyone is staying warm tonight.

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Colin said...

Laura, you sexy twat, you're a good Mama.

Tell Simon that having a hairstyle that's too sexy can be a bit of a problem sometimes, so good call on his part to re-comb.