Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Weekend of Firsts

Are you ready for some milestone action, people? First up, and most dramatically, we have The First Haircut.
The pictures here are pretty terrible, I know. Just trying to give you a sense of the before and after. Before the Big Cut, T totally had a mullet. The Baby Mullet. All babies have it, right? I think so. Anyway, I used the longest guard on the clippers. And he didn't mind. Much.
It came out pretty well. He looks different.
No more mullet. Now he's a buzz-cut big boy.
Also today we had the First Romp in the Snow. He wasn't sure at first.
But started to enjoy himself after a while.
I know his little fingers must have been freezing, but he still didn't want to come back inside.
Two other firsts:
This morning he pointed to my nose. I said, "nose." Then he smiled and pointed to his nose. Ta-da!

Later on in the morning, he walked into the room, waved and said, "Hi." Or, rather, "Haaa-ey." Close enough. Very, very cute.

Oh, the T is quite a case these days. His sleeping has been pretty awful, his climbing antics keep escalating, and the tantrums continue. So it's really nice to have these moments... these other kind of moments that remind us we're living with a sweet, growing little person.

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