Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday already

This week is flying by, no surprise. I'm feeling the pressure to get this collage done. As is often the case when I have a deadline, inspiration is fleeting. But it will kick in at the last minute, no doubt.

I meant to write about these earlier... do you remember when I showed you some of my thrifted goodies? Well, unbeknownst to me, Nate's aunt Sue reads the blog. She saw the little pinecone teacup, and found a whole set for me. Behold, tangible proof that blogging brings rewards:
Thank you, Sue. I really love them.

One other tidbit: We got tickets to see Dan Zanes!!! He'll be in Chicago on March 16, only a few days before S's birthday. I thought that was perfect timing. Yeah, I might be more excited than S. So what?

Tomorrow, look for the best Christmas song remix ever. Until then, friends.

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