Tuesday, December 4, 2007

social justice santa claus

This is where we're at these days. Look at that face. I don't like to compare my boys to each other... but let me just say that this tantrum thing is new to us. This episode started when I didn't prepare a sippy cup full of milk fast enough. By the time I *finally* gave it to him (probably 20 seconds from cabinet to hand), he was in such a state that he refused to accept the cup, opting to chuck it across the room instead. Then he picked it up and threw it four more times, just to make sure I saw. For the next 15 minutes, none of my attempts to ignore, sweet talk, or cuddle were accepted. He just stood in the middle of the dining room and screamed. You know what finally stopped him? I turned on the TV. Sigh. Thus continues my love/hate relationship with the boob tube.

Here are two more holiday songs for your listening pleasure. In the first, Yellowman observes that Santa Claus Never Comes to the Ghetto. What's with that, Santa?

James Brown goes in a slightly different direction with his tune. Instead of dwelling on Santa's past neglect of the ghetto, he earnestly urges Old Saint Nick to go straight there this year. The Godfather of Soul is a Christmas activist. Yellowman could learn from his can-do attitude.

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Jay M. said...

Yikes. Everything I've learned in 27 years would be rendered useless against a screaming toddler.