Sunday, December 16, 2007

progress on the collage

Still a bit to do, but I made a lot of headway on the collage this weekend... I'm making it for a couple who has four young children and finally got away for their "honeymoon" to the East Coast. They had a really wonderful time, and I hope the collage reflects and preserves their happy memories of the trip.

Here is the first frame (one of four) that will be in the large shadowbox. It uses a post-it note filled with x's and o's from their oldest daughter --- I'm thinking maybe she stuck them in their suitcase before they left; there were a bunch of really cute post-it notes filled with messages of the "I miss you, when are you coming home?" variety. There is also a photo of a curly iron-work gate, and pieces from a bed and breakfast brochure.
Here is the second. Map, fall leaves, and compass. E for east.
The third. Not a great picture, sorry. The background is a coffee to-go sleeve, overlaid with clouds from Ben and Jerry's factory tour tickets, photo of a moose crossing street sign, and a picture of the Von Trapp family (the couple stayed at their lodge --- I thought that was cool, so I had to include Maria and gang somehow).
Still trying to figure out how to work in these gorgeous shells. The faded lavender fits perfectly into the color scheme of the first frame.
Deadline is Friday. I'll be sure to show you the finished shadowbox.


Bonnie said...

Gorgeous! I love how you incorporated the post it and the clouds. Really lovely, LB.

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, Bonnie! Your spoon started it all. :-)