Thursday, December 20, 2007

Phew. Time to relax.

Well, I'm totally ready for Christmas now. The collage is done, the cookbook has been dropped off at Kinko's and will be mailed out tomorrow. All I'm going to do for the next few days is relax and maybe tidy up a bit. I want the house to look clean for Santa (incidentally, I've been using that same reasoning to encourage S to clean up his room for the past two weeks, with great success).

A few pictures of the completed projects. I told you that I wanted to use some rocks and shells in the collage I was making. Here is what I did. Tied them together to form a chain of sorts, then glued some text on to them, printed on vellum. The words are from a Bible passage, which I was asked to incorporate into the piece.
Here are the four frames together. Oh, I guess it's five, counting the little one with the moose sign.
A close-up of the last one I finished. Picture of the ocean from the cover of a map, some decorative paper, and a little lobster fork. Is that what it's called? I'm not sure.
And here is the final collage, in its frame. Is there a trick to photographing something behind glass? I couldn't figure out how to avoid a reflection here. My apologies. I think you will get the basic idea.
The client picked up her collage today, which is actually a surprise Christmas gift for her husband. I think she liked it, and I hope it goes over well with her husband too.

Here is the cover of this year's cookbook. Oh, how I wish I could print them in color. The cover always looks so much better in color. Envelopes are all addressed and stamped, so as soon as I pick up the books, they'll be on their way to all of you! Lots of good recipes this year. I hope you'll try some.
Our order from Rosie Hippos arrived yesterday. Everything is all wrapped. Some in normal "mom and dad" paper, others in special, sparkly Santa paper.
Sigh. Now I can put my feet up and wait for Christmas. I'm actually very excited. Can't wait to see the boys open their gifts and smile. Or, even better, squeal with glee. Tomorrow we'll open our advent calendar box and say "4 days until Christmas!" So what about you all? Are you ready?


Bonnie said...

So well done, LB. Absolutely lovely - for both the cookbook and the collage.
Talented you are.

Maiasaura said...

thank you, bonnie! your cookbook is one its way to your house.