Saturday, December 1, 2007

Neither vomit nor ice storms will keep us from spreading our holiday cheer.

Bit of a rough morning around here. Starting around 2 am, T started throwing up. We'd hear him cry, stumble out of bed to clean up the mess and comfort him back to sleep, stumble back to bed, then repeat the process about 45 minutes later. When T finally got up for the morning, he was in a very happy mood, but still couldn't keep any food down. When Nate and I got up, we were still tired and had a mountain of puke-stained laundry to address.

We are having nasty weather today. They are calling for freezing rain all day. Yesterday we stocked up on groceries and videos, so we are pretty well set to stay in. The threat of ice storms did motivate us to finally bring in some things that had been living outside... bikes locked up in the yard, toys on the porch. I tackled the porch, and Nate went for the bikes. Unfortunately, the lock on my bike was stuck. He spent well over an hour trying to get it open, but to no avail. So now my poor bike (and trailer locked up with it) are being covered in sheets of ice, and I feel bad for them.

Still, we are happy to see December 1 arrive. The first words out of S's mouth this morning were, "Mom, I want to open our first box now!"
So we did.
I very deliberately chose a joke for the first box, because I didn't want the boys to expect toys or candy every day. There are plenty of boxes containing those goodies, but I wanted the first morning to be all about the joy of the tradition, not about receiving stuff. I think my plan worked. The joke was of the knock knock variety, which I found online somewhere. I knew it was perfectly matched with S's absurdist sense of humor. Here it is:
-Knock knock.
-Who's there?
-Who who.
-Who who who?
-It's Santa Owl!The joke was a huge hit. There have been many repeat performances throughout the day.

Finally, I'm going to try to share some of my favorite Christmas music with you this month. I considered saving the best for last, but I'm just too impatient. So here is, for my money, the best, most groovin Christmas song ever recorded, Eek-a-Mouse's rendition of The Night Before Christmas. Enjoy!

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