Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't fence me in, MOM!!!

T can officially climb out of his crib. He did this once at his grandparents' house. We were hoping that the design of their crib made it easier for him. But today I discovered him out of his crib here. And I am very sad, indeed. My life as I know it is over. What do people do with a toddler who can't be contained? How will I ever take a shower again? (I usually put him in his crib for 10 minutes in order to accomplish this task). Dang. Any other parents out there who have dealt with this, your advice is welcome.

Here are some pictures of my favorite decorations around the house, followed by a great song for you. So enjoy, and send me some cheerful holiday energy as I try to get my little escapee back to bed.

Here is our paper village from Martha Stewart crafts at Michael's. I love it so much. Isn't it sweet?

And here we are, adding the glitter after it's all been assembled.

A good team-project which resulted in tiny glitter everywhere. Exactly as it should be at Christmas.

I made this garland last year out of old greeting cards. I think it looks nice draped in a corner like this. I had a bunch of this to sell at the bazaar. Several strands sold, and many more people told me that they thought it was a great idea. Is it terrible that I just smiled and said "Thanks," without telling them that it came directly from Martha Stewart magazine?

Just circles cut from cards, round stickers from the office supply store, and string. Simple.

I made this garland last year too. I wanted to make a paper chain, but also wanted it to last for a long time. So I opted for fabric chains. I bought pre-stiffened felt and cut it into strips. Then I sewed them together with miscellaneous buttons.

When I got these out of storage this year, Nate was like, "oh, man, remember how long you worked on those?" I don't really remember then taking that long. But apparently I worked on them every night for weeks. I love them, though. I think they look perfect in this doorway.

On to the tree. Owl from Anthropologie that looks like I made it by hand. But I didn't.

Sugar cookie ornament from Martha's line at K-Mart. Looks good enough to eat. But don't. You'll crack your tooth and look terrible in all the holiday photos.

Love the vintage ornaments. Our tree is loaded with oldie goldies like this one.

Cute sparkly Santa riding a reindeer. That Santa, what a trooper. Even after a devastating crash that cost him his sleigh and seven of his reindeer, he's still going to get those presents delivered. Brings a tear to the eye.

Nate and I got these brush-animal ornaments in England on our honeymoon. Love them as much as ever.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the decoations. Especially that village...I wonder if it will store. I bet Simon had lots of fun with that.
Love you.