Friday, December 21, 2007

customize this.

Since I'm sitting pretty for Christmas, I'm just doing a little internet browsing tonight. There are several artists offering personalized art that I love love love. I hope I can get some of these made of the boys someday.

Fortytworoads Etsy shop makes these wonderful stencil portraits. Is this not beautiful? Now, picture it with S or T's face. TO DIE FOR.

There are MANY people selling customized portraits on Etsy. Harmony VanLue is one of my favorites. So pretty.
These art quilts are really cool, here on Christy's Quilts shop.Okay, finally, I really love these pieces by Kiki and Polly on the GrowModern site. So lovely.

All (or at least one) of these are on my wish list for the future.

In this morning's advent calendar box were a few kernels of popcorn and a note that said we'd have a movie and popcorn night. We watched Elf. Big ups to Colin and Jay for recommending it. I don't know how we had overlooked that movie, but it's destined to become a holiday classic in our house.

Before the movie, S accompanied me on a 3 hour errand session. He did great, was totally a pleasant companion and trooper the whole time. The very last thing we needed to do was mail the cookbooks. We were getting out of the car to walk to the mailbox. S was holding my hand, right beside me, then BAM! He walked right into the rearview mirror, which happened to be exactly level with his beautiful face. He hit it hard enough to draw blood at his eyebrow. It was a sad way to end our afternoon together. I think the holiday photos this year may feature a black and blue color scheme. I guess I won't be using one of those pictures to have any portraits made.


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Jay M. said...

Yay for Elf and homemade popcorn! Glad you all enjoyed it. And sorry to hear about Simon's collision – yikes!