Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thinking Toys

Today S was looking at a catalogue we had received in the mail. I would link to it, except that I hate this catalogue and don't fancy giving this company any extra traffic on their website. Not even one extra click. The catalogue they send to us is full of crappy plastic toys, exactly the type I'm hoping to avoid this Christmas. However I feel about the products themselves, it was very sweet to watch S pour over the pages excitedly. "Look at this one, mom! Oh, cute! Look, mom, this one would be good for T! Mom, do you know which is my favorite? Everything!"

There is something magical about a child and a toy catalogue. It's undeniable. I vividly remember circling all my many (many, many) Christmas selections from the Sears Wishbook as a girl. I don't mind him looking at catalogues so much as I mind some of the junky plastic toys on their pages. So, I thought, why not change the catalogue he is pouring over? I got online and requested catalogues from several natural toy companies. We'll see how they go over. I want him to be attracted to the same kind of toys I am, but feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Maybe these catalogues will help my cause.
I love these tree blocks, sold here. Wooden building toys are what I want to focus on this Christmas. I like the idea of wood blocks because they are durable, nontoxic, and timeless. I really want to avoid toys that have to fit together. I want my boys to be able to play and build with all their toys together, not worry about whether a Lego fits in a Duplo or whatever. That seems so much more creative and organic than keeping every different set to itself. That is what drives me the most crazy about our current toy situation. Every toy comes with tons of pieces, and they only work with that one toy. I don't want any more one-trick-ponies. At least not now. Maybe when the boys are older and more responsible for their own belongings, we could incorporate some Lego's into the playroom. But right now, I'm the one separating toy pieces, and I've had quite enough, thank you.

I found this Mothering Magazine article about Junk Toys today. Have a read. I found it compelling, but, then again, I was already convinced.

Other Tuesday News:
-This morning at the library T fell out of a chair he was sitting in and hit his mouth on another chair on the way down. It was terrible. He bled a lot and I was afraid he might need stitches. The librarian brought ice and paper towels and told me that nothing can be done for a busted lip at the hospital. Since she is a librarian, I took her word for it. His lip looked bad, but T settled down pretty quickly. He is putting his tongue to his injury constantly now... no doubt it feels odd.
-Today I bribed S (with ice cream) to go play at his friend's house. Let me give just a little background: This is a little girl who lives down the street, and who we met shortly after moving here. All year, S has been going to their house to play, often without me and T. He has always loved playing with her... until a few weeks ago. He didn't want to play there any more. I tried going with him to her house to see if that would help, but he just clung to my leg the whole time. I could write forever about my theories on this change in him. There have been some similar things going on at school. ANYWAY, without going on and on, I'll just say that I want him to keep playing with this girl. She is super sweet, as is her mother. And I don't want to end our relationship with them just because of an awkward social phase. So I offered S some ice cream if he would go and play. I was very conflicted about my bribe... What if he had a terrible time, what if he came home crying, what if he had a valid reason to want to stay home but bottled it up for the sake of ice cream??? Ack! I was stressing about it, but S came home clearly feeling happy. And the other mom said the "old S" was back. Maybe that's the end of the weird phase. I hope so.

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Colin said...

I use that ice cream trick with Jay, and find it to be pretty effective, usually to get him to go on a date with a new girl.
He and Simon are very similar it seems.