Thursday, November 22, 2007

over the river and through the woods... grandmother's house we go!Here is Nate, drawing with his eyes closed as we played Cranium.
Here is what he drew: Mountain Climber. Pretty good, huh? I guessed correctly.
Later it was my turn to draw. I got to leave my eyes open. The clue was doggy bag. Can you believe he didn't get it? His closest guess was "dog bag of money," a phrase that still makes me laugh.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of delicious food, luxurious naps, belly laughs, and all good things. Both boys were asleep by the time we got home, and I made Nate help me put up the Christmas tree. This way, the boys can help us put up ornaments tomorrow, without waiting for us to do the grown-ups-only work. You know there will be pictures of those festivities tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jay M. said...

I'm trying to figure out where a house with windows and a door fits into the clue of "doggie bag."

Maiasaura said...

i was trying to communicate that once you're full of food at the restaurant, you take your doggie bag HOME. that was the idea. maybe not so obvious to apartment-dwellers. probably not obvious to anyone, though. looking at my drawing now, i'm surprised he could even guess that the creature was a dog.