Monday, November 19, 2007

of chalk and elks.

::walking to the playground::
::shouting hello to his daddy::
::my three best boys::
little Monday bits...
-I woke up with a migraine, which was especially unfortunate because we had an appointment to visit a school we are considering for S next year. Our appointment was at 8. Nate called to ask if we could set it back an hour. At 9 I felt better, but still unbelievably crappy. So Nate and his mom went while I stayed home. T got to watch Sesame Street, confused about why mommy was laying on the couch with a blanket over her head.
-Today T had another chalkboard drawing session. This time we were not sitting with him, and 10 minutes later he came waddling over to us, his mouth full of wet yellow chalk. "Why would he do that?" Nate asked me. "Doesn't it taste bad?"
"It's attention-getting behavior," I said.
"Oh, yeah, I forgot how babies do that."
Yes, yes, welcome to my world.
-One day last week, S said to his daddy, "I need to tell you a secret." Nate bent down and put his ear near S's lips. S whispered,"Elks." We had a good laugh at that, and now it's one of his favorite jokes.

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