Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let the brainwashing begin.

Today our catalogue from Nova Naturals arrived. It is beautiful.
And it got exactly the reaction I was hoping for: "S, what do you like in this catalogue?" "EVERYTHING!" We will gladly loan this gorgeous publication to anyone interested (*ahem*grandparents*ahem*).
The items sold by Nova Naturals are not cheap. But I want fewer toys in the house, anyway. So I'm hoping the higher prices will help the quantity balance out. Today Amanda happened to write about this same topic, and gave some great suggestions for making inexpensive toys. She is my mommy-idol, for reals.

Today I started painting my last little chair. It is a custom job, for Beth's niece. The main color is a pale pink. I know it's hard to tell from this picture. It's the same pink that was in our dining room on Kedzie. I loved that room sooooo much.Here is a glimpse of the paper that will be decoupaged onto the seat of the above chair. This little girl's parents both work in wilderness fire prevention, and she has been along for many hikes in a sling, so Beth and I thought a nature scene would be appropriate. This oak tree will be displaying its autumn foliage, and the girl's name will be incorporated into the falling leaves somehow. The blue background is just some extra paper, not part of the final design.

I made the leaves using the cute little paper punches on the right. I thought two different sizes would add interest. I've amassed quite a collection of paper punches, as you can see. Martha's punches are irresistible to me (but what in her crafts collection isn't? I also bought this little kit and can't wait to see it on top of the jelly cabinet next month. So cute). But I need to stop. Nobody needs this many punches.
Other little [picture-less] bits:
-Our man T has started to really let us know what he thinks of things. He will often throw himself to the floor in protest of my decision to remove some dangerous implement from his hands, or move said implement further toward the center of the table, further away from his little searching fingers. He has become adept at screeching with displeasure and arching his back when he's being carried up to bed. You could say he is throwing fits, and I'm sure that I have said these very words, because today S asked me to throw a fit.
"You want me to throw a fit?"
"Um, okay. Why am I throwing a fit?"
"Because you don't want to watch Teletubbies." *giggle, giggle*
I got down on the floor and threw a fit. I writhed and kicked my feet, yelling about how I didn't want to watch it. I carried on with my fit for about 30 seconds. And then I was exhausted. Completely knackered. I am amazed by the stamina of children.
-And speaking of exhaustion, lately S will let out an emphatic, "I'm exhausted!" Sometimes it seems like a perfectly reasonable expression, like when we have just returned from a walk. Other times, it is amusingly out of place, like when he returns to the dinner table after just having grabbed himself a juice box from the fridge. Strangely, he never says it after throwing a fit (T isn't the only fit-thrower in our house).
-Today Nate bought Super Mario Galaxy. He's been talking about this game for months, it seems like. So it's finally here. And he is happy.
That is all. Goodnight!


Bonnie said...

Did Simon pick up the "I'm exhausted" from one of his parents? ;)

At this point I don't know if I'd allow another Nintendo game in the house. Trav wants a Wii, and it's a good thing we're too poor to buy one. He plays enough Nintendo as is - and it drives me absolutely freakin' crazy!

Maiasaura said...

Nate is pretty good about knowing when to play and when to not...
I kind of like when he plays games, actually, because then I can't sit and watch crap tv that I don't care about anyway. I have to do something else, and I just might end up being productive!