Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've been sitting here with the computer on my lap for an hour, browsing around, trying to come up with something worthwhile to write. Now the battery is about to die and we are about to watch Vertigo and eat some popcorn.

We had a nice Sunday. The boys and I drew on the chalkboard side of the easel (thanks, Aunt Jess!) for an hour. T is starting to amaze me with his long attention span for activities like this lately. Later S and I went to the library. He played on the computer while I worked on some embroidery. Lovely.

Maybe I'll write more about this later, when my battery is more robust, but I think I'm experiencing a bit of a quarter-life crisis. Currently in our house there are many discussions taking place regarding our dreams for the future. The crisis comes about when I realize I don't know what I want for my life. Do I want to live in the city or the country? Should we stay around here or move back to Chicago? Do I want to be an artist or a midwife? I'm completely torn between all the possibilities and options and combinations and permutations of all these very real, very grown-up choices we have to make. My stomach is all in knots. Oh, and I forgot to mention my sudden desire to homeschool the boys, which surprises me to no end.
Oh, oh, oh. How is this all going to end? To find out, you'll have to stay tuned for the next ten years. Can you handle the suspense?

Goodnight, friends.

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Paul said...

I like to think that "quarter life crisis" is a marketing term to sell books and blogs and all that. I've been feeling it for a while, but especially alone in a neighborhood with few young people who don't live with their moms and working every day. If I think its a marketing term, though, does that mean that I'll always wonder if this is what I'm supposed to be doing? I hope not. I really think the change in weather adds to 'grass on the other side' feelings. Either way, at least we're all assuming that we're gonna live till 100.