Saturday, November 17, 2007

i heart homebirth

Today I went with a friend to see The Business of Being Born, a new documentary directed by Abby Epstein and produced by Ricki Lake. The movie was shown at Eureka College's Cerf Center, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Rixa Freeze, author of The True Face of Birth blog.

Who knew I had so much in common with Ricki Lake? Her birth stories were very similar to mine... first birth in the hospital, with an unwanted cascade of interventions. Second birth at home, an incredible experience. Here is an article where she discusses her passion for natural birth and the origins of the project.

I would highly, highly recommend the movie for anyone who has the chance to see it. I laughed, gasped, sighed, and cried throughout. Watching a baby come into the world is so amazing, and makes me cry every time. This spring I will have the honor and privilege of attending my friend Bonnie's birth. I can't wait.

Tonight I feel like my calling in life is to become a doula or a midwife. It may wear off. Or I may feel it even more strongly after witnessing Bonnie give birth. This life/craft blog could very well morph into a homebirth blog in a few years. How would you all feel about that?


Linda said...

I would really miss your life blog and craft blog (though we could get on Etsy and see all your wonderful creations). Maybe information about homebirths could be an addition or a different blog. Wow I didn't realize you were going to witness Bonnie's birth. I'll never forget witnessing the birth of Simon - it was truely amazing. A wonderful miracle and gift from God. Thanks for allowing me that honor. love memaw

Housefairy said...

Sorry I am so, so late to your old posts! I for one would be ALL FOR this turning into a homebirth blog someday...but you knew that!