Saturday, November 3, 2007

How was your Saturday? Mine was nice, thanks.

Some little worker bees have been busy collecting lids for me. My supply is slowly growing again.
This chair is nearing completion.

This one is there already.
See if you can find the snow-mobiler in the hand. It's a fun little game. You will love it.

Okay, you know what you'll really love? This recipe. It's easy. Here's what to do: Get two pounds of green tomatoes from your farmer's market, garden, or where ever. Slice them into 1/3 inch rounds.

Put your cornmeal in a bowl with some salt and pepper. I like the blue kind. It is pretty. Dredge those tomaters.

Fry them in some vegetable or canola oil. The exact time of frying is unknown... they should look golden brown and delicious. Set them aside on plates covered with paper towels.While frying your tomatoes, set a large pot of water to boil. Take one pound of lasagne noodles and break them into pieces. Cook according to package directions. Drain noodles, add bunches of minced garlic and a heaping cup of coarsely chopped parsley.

Plate up the noodles and top with the fried green tomatoes. Dig in. And, oh, you'll be going back for seconds.

Warning to those who are easily bored: This segment contains no pictures.

-We liked Spider-man 3. It was entertaining, like its two predecessors. It did give me a new perspective on all the black Spider-man costumes I saw on Halloween night, though. Why did all those little kids want to be Spider-man in the evil alien super jerkface suit? Why not be the good and heroic Spider-man, kids? And why do you even know who Spider-man is??? You're only 5 years old! Sigh, d0n't mind me... These are the rantings of a mother who won't let her kiddo watch anything more mature than Arthur.

-Tonight I watched Miss Potter (Nate was quickly lulled to sleep). It was wonderful. BONNIE ENGSTROM, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE? It has your name all over it. Rent it tonight, lady.

-Now I should be going to bed, but I'm going to stay up and wait for Feist to come on SNL. She is my very favorite lady with a guitar these days. This song and Miss Potter in combination are making me want to move to the country.


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Bonnie said...

No I have not seen that movie, though I thought it looked good... I will add it to the Netflix list. As soon as I remember the password.
Many thanks.